Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MOVIES : Rurouni Battousai Live Action (2012)

The live action film for this all-time favorite manga Rurouni Kenshin has been awaited by many and the anticipation of bringing this anime character to real life stirred up avid fans all over the world!

I watched the live action movie on it's last day of screening in Manila last December 9, 2012 and even down to this last day, theaters in SM Megamall crowds with eager audience to get in on time on the best seats. This movie did not let its viewers down by keeping it close to the original manga thus consolidating several episodes of the anime series with a little alteration on the plot summing it up into a whole pack of action and humor!

Humor and Action

Though the manga may sound so serious, well in fact it is by its nature, the plot still contained the original timeline with minor revisions to fit a whole new approach to the story in a two-hour action-packed film. Kenshin Himura's character is a deadly assassin way back in Meiji era where he notoriously murdered people but reverted to a wanderer who now serves secretly to protect those people who are weak and innocent after the war as a payback on his previous acts. Kenshin's other character as a normal person may seem something you can laugh about because he is a pretty funny liar when confronted by a girl.

Sano Suke's character didn't veer away from the original manga  because he's the same old Sano guy who brags a lot but lacks execution which eventually makes him say things as if he wants to do it but really can't. One best part in the movie is where Sano challenged Kenshin for a fight outside the restaurant they were dining in one night. He can't keep up with Kenshin's speed because of his overly large metal sword which he carries around town. Another humorous part is when Sano is fist fighting with one of the bad guys in a small room which seems to be a kitchen. When he got tired of the physical turmoil, he asked his opponent for a timeout where both of them, ironically, ate and drink to freshen up then continued fighting after a short snack.

Director and Casts

Director Keishi Otomo did an amazing job in making this film a success by grossing more than $30M alone in Japan when the original screening done on August 2012 and $60M globally as of November 2012. Keishi  Otomo's casting was close to perfection for all major and minor characters were portrayed just right by the well-chosen actors.

Musical Score

The music during the entire movie is very original and with every scene having a background music, either its solemnity or intensity is deeply felt. A Japanese alternative-rock band called "One Ok Rock" left the viewers the feel of the anime series with its single "The Beginning".

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