Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skins Fire (Part I) : Season 7 Episode 1

The episode opens with Effy's eye view of people she's passing by as she walks along a busy business center area. She enters a building swiping her badge to access entry. She boards a lift and as it closes, Effy looks straight with determined eyes.

Effy, at 21, now works for a hedge fund as a receptionist and seems to be having a good life after all those traumas she had way back in high school. However, her duties in the firm were to serve coffee and distribute printouts which is as we know Effy's character sees it as a boring and lifeless job.

One of the senior managers in the office, Victoria, is a little push over and bitchy which Effy now feels not of a threat but a little challenge which will later on spark a conflict between them. Looking back on her in the old Skins, Effy likes thrill and has been an adventure-seeking girl which we can still recognize in this episode.

Story line and Cinematography

As a newly produced season with a whole new perspective and approach to a newer Skins, new camera movements and tricks were applied. There more adult and mature nature in the story line as it progresses throughout the episode. Although the feel of the entire story veers away from the childish reckless mishaps of old Skins teenage llives, we can still see and know that it is her because some of it still reflects on Effy's character as someone who had just matured.

The scene where Effy and her boss Jake are in vacant floor of the building for a smoke uses a camera movement that circles them clockwise and vice versa as they speak in a whole new level of financial manipulation over their investors.

Music Score

The old Skins opening theme used to be the various evolution of the tone but same rhythmic pattern originating from the very first season to the sixth season. But the new Skins has a more sensual and contemporary feel that suits the nature of the episodes thematic scheme of bringing adulthood to the characters.


Aside from Effy, another comeback appearance is Naomi, played by Lily Loveless, who is living with Effy. Jobless and still lingering on the old self back in the old Skins, Naomi spends nights drinking, house partying and spliffs.

Kayvan Novak plays Jake, Effy's womanizer boss, who we will see eyeing on Effy from the moment she brought money into the firm from the first trade she did. Craig Roberts plays Dominic, a researcher who is attracted to Effy, became Effy's aid to her success but in the end will feel messed up for doing things for her but not getting any in return. Lara Pulver plays Victoria who now loses the battle of being the star trader over Effy.

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