Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MOVIES : Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Sequels in 2014 announced!

It has never been this thrilling and more exciting since the day Director Keishi Otomo, Rurouni Kenshin 2012 film, announced the sequels for the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action movie this coming 2014. Not to mention, the sequel is a very long movie which will split into two parts namely  Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc) and Rurouni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen (Rurouni Kenshin: The End of a Legend Arc) and the good thing about it is that they will both be released next year 2014 successively.

There will be two most anticipated appearances from the Kyoto Arc of Nobhiro Watsuli's original manga, Shinomori Aoshi and Seta Sojiro who are also branded by fans as legendary with exceptional skills and two of Kenshin's notoriously difficult opponents.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skins Fire (Part II) : Season 7 Episode II

The series opens with Naomi seemingly successful in her pursuit to be a stand-up comedian. Effy complains about Naomi not getting paid for what she's been doing for 3 months now. And things are getting chaotic in the workplace and with Naomi's medical condition which Effy looks back when everything was less complicated.


Effy, in spite of her mischief with all sorts of situation in life, whether her many involvement with men in the past or her financial fraud scandal now, shown her human side in the scene where Naomi went under a CT scan. Seeing a friend who's going to die in cancer eventually leaving a loved one behind made her cry.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skins Fire (Part I) : Season 7 Episode 1

The episode opens with Effy's eye view of people she's passing by as she walks along a busy business center area. She enters a building swiping her badge to access entry. She boards a lift and as it closes, Effy looks straight with determined eyes.

Effy, at 21, now works for a hedge fund as a receptionist and seems to be having a good life after all those traumas she had way back in high school. However, her duties in the firm were to serve coffee and distribute printouts which is as we know Effy's character sees it as a boring and lifeless job.

One of the senior managers in the office, Victoria, is a little push over and bitchy which Effy now feels not of a threat but a little challenge which will later on spark a conflict between them. Looking back on her in the old Skins, Effy likes thrill and has been an adventure-seeking girl which we can still recognize in this episode.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MOVIES : Rurouni Battousai Live Action (2012)

The live action film for this all-time favorite manga Rurouni Kenshin has been awaited by many and the anticipation of bringing this anime character to real life stirred up avid fans all over the world!

I watched the live action movie on it's last day of screening in Manila last December 9, 2012 and even down to this last day, theaters in SM Megamall crowds with eager audience to get in on time on the best seats. This movie did not let its viewers down by keeping it close to the original manga thus consolidating several episodes of the anime series with a little alteration on the plot summing it up into a whole pack of action and humor!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skins Season 7 : A New and Fresh Approach

Well, here it is! The much awaited comebacks of three significant characters from the first four seasons. Skins Season 7 will be aired on July 2013 which is actually composed of six parts but are done to comprise each "reprise" characters deeper story.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Secret Circle Episode 22 : Family


The episode "Family" started with the scene where Diana was asleep in Grant's car. After the prom, she was totally smacked with every truth she's starting to discover first about her being a Blackwell daughter and second Charles' murder of Amelia. Grant wanted her to be happy and to be free of these sad and ugly truth so he offered her if she wants to go on vacation with him. Caught in between her feelings and her part in the circle, she couldn't give him a definite answer

After this subtle conversation between the two, the scene now changes to a loud, piercing scream from Faye who is abducted by Eben after the prom in exchange for the crystal. The circle is planning on how to save Faye without sacrificing the only thing that could not benefit both Eben and Blackwell. A debate started whether or not to seek help from Blackwell since he's the only one who knows how to  defeat Ebin which is not as simple as the fancy spells they've done before. They're dealing with 6 demons inside him whereas they had a hard time when they encountered just one in Heather before.

The circle decided to split into two groups to save Faye and to do what Blackwell suggests to do the ritual for the Crystal Skull. Adam, Melissa and Jake came to the boatyard to check on what's going on and make a move. On the other hand, Cassie and Diana went to meet Blackwell at the lake where the ceremony is being done to summon the spirit to create the skull. The 6 six crystals were chanted over a spell and picked up by two's and were thrown into the lake. When the crystal skull came to
view, Cassie and Diana need to hold it while it's still forming. Their circle was then unbound because of the power of the skull. Meanwhile, at the boatyard, Jake and Adam were fighting over waiting for the rest to arrive before attacking and going into the boat now to check on Faye. Adam, so infuriated, he used magic on   Jake. To their surprised, they now realized that they have solo magic because the circle's not bound anymore.

Faye tried to struggle to free herself as well and she realized that her power's back. And like the same-old Faye, "I'm so back..." line was one of the favorites. Jake and Melissa tried to get in and save her while Adam goes back to the abandoned house to check on Cassie and Diana.

Out of desperation to help her daughter and knowing the danger she and her friends got into, Dawn and Charles consulted Aunt Kate on what to do. Without magic, they are helpless. So Aunt Kate decided to give them powers to help the children out of this dangerous war between witch hunters and witches.

Jake and Melissa got to where Faye is but then got caught and paralyzed by Eben and all three of them were tied up in the same pole where they used to execute Blackwell 16 years ago. In the meantime, Adam set out to search and check on the girls because they haven't been returning their calls since they felt that the circle isn't bound anymore.

                                                                                                                                                    Blackwell brought Cassie and Diana in the lake where the ceremony is being done to form the skull because of their Balcoin blood. However, Diana doesn't agree with Blackwell to form the skull and the circle won't be bound anymore. Sibling tension rises as they are caught in the dilemma under time pressure. Eventually, the ritual was performed and they have summoned the spirits to form the skull.

For some reasons, when Cassie picked up the skull from the lake, she felt a tremendous power surging from it. Diana felt the same way too and realized how the skull could be their great defense against Ebin. Just as soon as Blackwell tries to claim the skull from his daughters, Cassie retaliated and tried to take charge on the mission to save Faye. What she was forgetting is that Blackwell is still powerful now that they are no longer bound. Blackwell knocked them out unconscious with his magic.

And just as everyone is taking a little break from what just happened, at the borders of Chance Harbor waiting are the other Balcoin children Blackwell was talking about. And now with Blackwell gone, how would the circle know how to face them and stop them from binding their circle and not the original circle they've created?

Images : courtesy of CW Network

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Secret Circle Episode 12 : Witness


This episode started with Jake's line "Am I interrupting something?"

Jake came back as we know and has been lurking around since the past two episodes. It always leaves us something to think about this person on what he really wants to do in Cassie's life. The "Witness" keeps us excited on the love-triangle created since the episode "Beneath".

Right, that interrupted kiss gave chills when Jake stepped in to the scene trying to be the "avenging angel" as what Adam sees him returning to Chance Harbor. Jake now told Cassie the truth about the fire that he was there at the fire 16 years ago and he was the only "witness" they could use to know what really happened. Although it was a dangerous attempt, Cassie was so desperate in knowing the truth. Jake was away trying to figure out a spell that could enable him to travel back to his memory and recall those things that he tried to block off when he was young which is said to be traumatic on his part. Cassie tries to convince Adam about the plan but of course, initial reaction is a "No". Normal response from a guy who doesn't trust the other guy that he might put "his" girl in danger or might even kill her after he gets what he needed.

Diana on the other hand is willing to do the spell if this is the only and immediate way to know the past. Whereas Faye and Melissa are out of the business at this period in time, they are unaware of what was going on. Melissa was away for away in Seattle while Faye is busy with Lee making him play an important part of her life.

There are parts of this episode where we see clashes between Dawn and Charles and Ethan and Charles. Dawn being so desperate to get the crystal for her thirst of regaining back her powers, she started to use Diana to get to Charles then used Ethan when she realized she can't get Charles join forces with her again.

So then, the moment began with Cassie and Jake going down to the memory lane. The spell that Jake has been working on while he was away from Chance Harbor worked and they went back in time like they were physically present on the day of the fire. Jake had a very surprised look on his face the minute he saw his parents passed in front of him. Cassie followed them because she can barely hear the conversion for clues. Unfortunately, Jake could follow further because his memory blocked most of this part when he was young. Now, Jake and Cassie got separated and Jake was back in his self.

Cassie discovered an intriguing appearance of Ethan in the scenario. Witch hunters were at the boat and they murdered all those witches in the boat including Jake's parents.

She also witnessed how the witch hunters persecuted her father like the ancient method of burning witches at the stake. As the place started to burn, Cassie is now trapped and starting to choke.

 Lucy, a fellow witch, saw her and the only one who can see her in the memory, told her to get out of there. But of course, Cassie didn't rather she stayed.

                              Adam and Diana came to the abandoned house and found Cassie left in limbo. Adam, as furious as hell, commanded Jake to get her out of the memory. Cassie's father tried to free himself  using a medallion driving the flames away from him to the witch hunters. He walked away but Cassie never got the chance to see his face. 

Jake came back and rescued Cassie just in time. But before they left, Jake's mom appeared behind the glass door begging for help but Jake couldn't do anything to help her out. He couldn't undo the past and the events are locked to how it really happened, except for Lucy seeing Cassie in this time in the past.

Cassie told Diana, Adam and Jake what she saw in the memory about the witch hunters and Adam's father's appearance on that day. Cassie then went back to the boatyard at the same spot where the fire started and at the same platform where her father was standing. She pulled the medallion from the rail on the floor where she saw her father dropped it after he used it on the witch hunters.