Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skins Fire (Part II) : Season 7 Episode II

The series opens with Naomi seemingly successful in her pursuit to be a stand-up comedian. Effy complains about Naomi not getting paid for what she's been doing for 3 months now. And things are getting chaotic in the workplace and with Naomi's medical condition which Effy looks back when everything was less complicated.


Effy, in spite of her mischief with all sorts of situation in life, whether her many involvement with men in the past or her financial fraud scandal now, shown her human side in the scene where Naomi went under a CT scan. Seeing a friend who's going to die in cancer eventually leaving a loved one behind made her cry.

Victoria, her rival, is now working for the FSA who monitors people's income and their sources. She investigates Jake and the rest in the hedge fund and lead her to Dom and Effy. Victoria shows here that she's an even character with Effy in terms of determination and style to utilize what is around and close to her. She gave Effy a warning that Jake is only using her for his own benefit and that she needs to stop before everything goes complicated and devastates her.

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