Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skins Season 7 : A New and Fresh Approach

Well, here it is! The much awaited comebacks of three significant characters from the first four seasons. Skins Season 7 will be aired on July 2013 which is actually composed of six parts but are done to comprise each "reprise" characters deeper story.

"Skins Pure" is about Cassie's life in London as being by herself again and mesmerized by her surroundings. Now when we were left off way back in season 2, we didn't know what happened to Cassie and Sid. The season finale just showed Sid going to New York to look for Cassie and got close into finding her in a restaurant she's working for. All of us were stunned for a moment and hoped for more. This part will now bring her back and as much as we want to have Sid back in the picture, we still need to wait and see if producers will bring Sid's character to Cassie's life. We'll peek into this whole new series if Cassie is still anorexic and "lunatic" like what she used to be in her previous roles.

"Skins Rise" is about Cook coming back to see what he's been up to. the last time we saw him was on season 4 where he managed to escape prison and discovered Freddie's death. He has confrontation with Dr. Foster and that left us hanging too on what happened back there. Sources said Cook killed Dr. Foster and some said their fates are unknown. Whatever it is, he came back and we'll find out if the series will reveal some of his past. This time could be another life for him but of course, the old Cook will be Cook. Got a bit more mature than the previous seasons and we'll expect more challenges on his role this year!

"Skins Fire" is about Effy's almost normal life come crashing down again. Effy is one of the most powerful character like her brother Tony who somewhat takes the lead in the first two seasons. We see Effy in the second generation in seasons 3 and 4 where she and her friends got wilder experiences than the first generation. Just like when Tony's trying to recover from his accident, Effy here is also under recovery from a psychiatric condition with the aide of Dr. Foster which her friends see as not helpful but instead bringing more damages to her. In the finale, we saw her left spaced out and totally depressed by Freddie's death. Effy is one of the Skins darling and pretty powerful faces.

There's a whole new script and approach for the series as they go deeper into the characters' lives and relationships. The opening theme is now a total revolution of the original theme from Season 1. The opening theme progressed into variations from the first season till the sixth. You'll feel the vibe on this  Skins Season 7 Opening Theme that coincides with the new approach on the series. Having all these, this season gives the audience a lot to expect from it. We'll watch and see, then make another review if our expectations are met!

 Images : courtesy of Skins Facebook page.

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